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Nun Chuck - The Key Club

I can’t please everyone

When I first left the bank and started pursuing photography, industry professionals would ask what I wanted to specialize in. They would tell me that…

Caroline godsick floats in the pool

Why I Test

Call it what you will; test shoots, trade, TFP, TFCD, barter, working for free…. I will always make time to shoot personal work.

Avalon as seen from the back of a moving golf cart at night

Shoot something different to keep you inspired

I have an obstacle when it comes to shooting the familiar. Los Angeles is a beautiful city yet I don’t find the need nor inspiration…

The best camera ever built

For the past few months I have been lusting over the new Fuji cameras. I hear rave reviews about the quality and I long for…

Trying something new

It’s hard to keep up with all the social media aspects of being a photographer. Facebook has made it so the people that “liked” my…

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