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Nun Chuck - The Key Club

I can’t please everyone

When I first left the bank and started pursuing photography, industry professionals would ask what I wanted to specialize in. They would tell me that I needed a style and specialization in order to succeed as a professional photographer. I didn’t want to believe them. Continue Reading →

Sierra Fiskphoto: Chuck Espinozawww.ChuckEspinoza.com310-571-5094

Playing in the water

This past summer I rekindled my love of the ocean. Shortly after I moved to LA from Texas I learned to surf. Continue Reading →

Me and Adriana

This image was shot at 4:45 PM in Pismo Beach. We started the day at my house eight hours earlier and 180 miles away. Continue Reading →


The Breed – Weekly Fashion Showcase

Every once in a while I submit photos to fashion blogs or magazines and every once in a while they take me up on my offer and post the images. Continue Reading →

Jade - Canon WP-1 35mm. the last frame before the camera died.

Shooting film – an unrequited love

I love shooting film. More specifically I love the quality, tones and softness of the medium format images from my Mamiya RZ67. That love has driven me to shoot more and more film on various different cameras. Shooting film is exciting and novel but more important it’s expensive. Continue Reading →

Your photos are worth a lot of money. Stop giving them away.

Pricing is something all photographers struggle with. We are all stand-alone businesses trying to find our way. Many of us learn how to price our photography on a trial and error basis or by simply looking to our competition. When I first began my wedding and family “business” my only resource for pricing was local photographers. ¬† Continue Reading →

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