Your photos are worth a lot of money. Stop giving them away.

Pricing is something all photographers struggle with. We are all stand-alone businesses trying to find our way. Many of us learn how to price our photography on a trial and error basis or by simply looking to our competition. When I first began my wedding and family “business” my only resource for pricing was local photographers.   Continue Reading →

Caroline godsick floats in the pool

Why I Test

Call it what you will; test shoots, trade, TFP, TFCD, barter, working for free…. I will always make time to shoot personal work. Continue Reading →

Polaroid negative fuji fp100C

Bleaching and scanning polaroid negatives

Since I bought the Mamiya RZ67 in November I have enjoyed shooting both film and polaroid pack film. The quality of a 6×7 negative is impressive and keeps me motivated to shoot with the Mamiya. The instant gratification of shooting polaroid film is mostly novel but everyone seems to love the tangible and magical process of instant film. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than 120 film.   Continue Reading →


Shooting stories that are close to the heart

A few months ago I was hired by the Oprah Winfrey Network to shoot portraits of military families and to document on-air promos they were shooting. The promos would be run as interstitials on the network (basically long form, co-branded commercials). Continue Reading →

Avalon as seen from the back of a moving golf cart at night

Shoot something different to keep you inspired

I have an obstacle when it comes to shooting the familiar. Los Angeles is a beautiful city yet I don’t find the need nor inspiration to grab a camera and seek out the beautiful picturesque locations and take photos. Drop me off in a city I’ve never been to and I’ll walk endless miles taking photos. Over the past couple year’s I’ve developed an exercise to help me when I feel uninspired, bored or unmotivated to seek out the photo.

Continue Reading →

The best camera ever built


For the past few months I have been lusting over the new Fuji cameras. I hear rave reviews about the quality and I long for a camera and lens package that doesn’t weigh five pounds. Continue Reading →

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